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The potential of carbon fiber is only limited by a manufacturer’s imagination.

ZOLTEK Applications

Carbon fiber is high strength. It is low weight. It is cost-efficient. It is characterized by high stiffness. It is conductive to electricity and is one of the most corrosion and heat resistant materials available for commercial use.

Carbon fiber is versatile. It has the ability to work with an assortment of different materials, including other fibers, plastics, metals, wood, and concrete. It can be manipulated into a variety of forms. It can be dyed, treated, and augmented to meet the requirements of any application.

Truth be told, it’s nearly impossible to postulate all of the potential uses of carbon fiber, but after over 20 years of working and innovating alongside ZOLTEK™ customers, we’ve seen a lot of excellent examples; many of which are documented and sorted here to help guide you towards leveraging carbon fiber’s high-performance properties for your own unique solution.