Automotive Applications

ZOLTEK carbon fibers are revolutionizing the automotive industry. Because of our cost-effective solutions and the ability to provide long-term price and supply commitments. Many automotive manufacturers are turning to ZOLTEK as a resource for increasing the efficiency and value-structure of their processes. With global manufacturing locations including fully integrated plants from raw material (Acrylonitrile) to carbon fiber and its intermediates, ZOLTEK offers assistance to companies wishing to develop their capability, using our commercial grade carbon fiber in the fast-expanding, high-volume carbon fiber market. ZOLTEK also brings together key players in the automotive industry to work on specific programs associated with new innovative processes. Close links to resin and process companies enables ZOLTEK to provide unbiased composite resource to any company, large or small. Additionally, ZOLTEK has demonstrated the ability to rapidly expand manufacturing and maintain capacity for growing applications and can scale carbon fiber production at a faster rate than any other company in the field and ZOLTEK’s proprietary carbon fiber technology enables the manufacturing carbon fiber at the best value worldwide.

ZOLTEK currently offers carbon fiber products and its intermediates available for automotive applications using processes such as Pultrusion, Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), Injection Molding, Compression Molding, Sheet Molding Compounding (SMC), and more. Additionally, ZOLTEK’s unique range of in-house sizings are designed to suit a wide range of both Thermoplastic and Thermoset materials.

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PX35 for Automotive Applications

For many automotive industry leaders, ZOLTEK fibers are being used in serial production of several vehicles and applications.The applications range from visible surface parts to structural components. In addition, the selection of manufacturing processes range from well-established processes such as Prepreg compression moulding to most innovative direct fiber placement.

One example of ZOLTEK technology in action includes the development of carbon fiber vehicle parts that outperform glass in impact strength, tensile strength, tensile modulus, and density. You can read the details of KraussMaffei Technologies successfully demonstrating direct compounding injection molding using ZOLTEK PX35 with Laxness Durethan® Polyamide 6 polymer here or download this case study by clicking here. The end result was a molding cycle time of approximately 60 seconds for a large complex part.

Resin Transfer Molding

Another excellent example of the potential uses of ZOLTEK carbon fiber in the automotive industry is The Surface RTM Process. Using ZOLTEK PX35 and a polyurethane (PU) resin system, The Surface RTM Process produces out-of-mold ready to paint carbon fiber components for structural and semi-structural applications. Read more about the process in action here.

Automotive Products


In the world of automotive materials, ZOLTEK PX35 has emerged as the industrial carbon fiber –one that is both affordable and delivers a strength to weight performance equal to or better than many “aerospace” grades.

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Sheet Molding Compound

ZOLTEK, together with Toray, has developed a new innovative technology and input material for Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) for compression molding. SMC is a material consisting of resin and chopped carbon fiber which is placed into matched metal tooling to mold a finished part.

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Automotive Pultrusion

Pultrusion is a cost-effective, continuous process for producing fiber-reinforced composite parts. Characterized by high-strength, high-stiffness, low density, high fiber volume, nearly zero void content, locked-in filament alignment, and corrosion resistance, ZOLTEK PX35 Automotive Pultrusion deliver consistently better overall properties than any other composite manufacturing process. For more information, download the ZOLTEK PX35 Automotive Pultrusion technical data sheet by clicking here.

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Non-Crimp Fabrics for HP-RTM Process

ZOLTEK offers carbon fiber non-crimp fabrics with fiber sizings specifically designed for the HP-RTM Process which provide excellent out of mold surface quality. For more information, download our HR-RTM Process information sheet by clicking here.

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