ZOLTEK Corporation Careers and Culture

A diverse, collaborative work environment that rewards hard work and ensures everyone has an equally fulfilling life inside and outside of the office.


Zoltek is a global company that believes in our team’s ability to change the world. Through our products, we’ve seen what is possible when you champion versatility, growth, strength, and innovation. Through our team, we’ve seen what is possible when those values are integrated into our daily lives.

Zoltek empowers every member of our global family to reach new levels of performance, both personally and professionally.

Our mission is to lead the commercialization of carbon fiber through our development of a price-competitive, high-performance reinforcement for composites used in a broad range of commercial products. Our promise is to provide a fulfilling experience for our employees while we work together to accomplish that mission. At Zoltek, you’ll work hard, but you’ll be rewarded. You’ll explore your potential and you’ll produce results. Joining the Zoltek team means you’re aligning yourself with the outstanding group of people who have established our company as a world-leader in research, development, and implementation. If that’s not enticing enough, here are a few more benefits of becoming a part of the future Zoltek is helping to build:


The Power to Change Lives

Carbon Fiber is a revolutionary product. The work you do every day will be contributing to greater efficiency, effectiveness, safety, and strength across a variety of industries. One of our corporate promises is Environmental Health and Safety. As a Zoltek employee, you’re also protecting the environmental sustainability of our planet. All that, just from showing up to work every day.

Jobs Without Borders

We’re a growing global corporation with sales and manufacturing offices around the globe. From Mexico to Hungary, and multiple locations in the US; Zoltek won’t ever leave you boxed in. If we’re going places, so are you.

Continuous Growth

Zoltek has evolved as a company by investing in the development of our employees. We fully understand, in order to be bigger and do better, it is our team that will help us get there. We offer continued training and education opportunities to every interested Zoltek employee.

Commitment to Sustainability

At Zoltek, we focus everyday on how to make life better for future generations. Therefore, we use electricity from renewable resources throughout the entire process chain. Utilizing electricity produced from renewable resources is our responsibility to our customers and everyone in our communities. This is a proactive step forward that is in alignment with both the Zoltek corporate philosophy and the philosophies of many of the industries we serve across the globe.

Versatility & Diversity

Carbon fiber is known for its versatility. From lightweighting automobiles to strengthening wind turbine blades, Zoltek enables the advancement of numerous industries. We look for the same characteristics from our team. At Zoltek, we value diversity as a resource for innovation and development and look to build a work environment that celebrates the unique capabilities of everyone contributing to our success.

K+F Project

Cooperation with Universities for Society, recruiting future engineers for Zoltek and opening new markets for commercial grade carbon fiber applications. Click here to learn more.

Inspiration Through Collaboration

You don’t become the best alone. Our teams work with our clients to develop unique solutions for their applications. Our employees work with each other to develop industry-best practices. Our company works with the Carbon Fiber and STEM communities to elevate knowledge and performance as a whole.

Awarding Hard Work

Zoltek is an award-winning organization. Not only do we recognize the contributions of our team through competitive and comprehensive benefits packages, we also attribute our companywide accomplishments to the efforts of our individual employees.

Giving Back

There are many causes, organizations, and issue that are important to Zoltek employees outside of the office too. As a part of our commitment to both personal and professional fulfillment we regularly support our employees as they pursue their philanthropic passions. A few of the most recent organizations we have supported include Support Our Troops, Crisis Nursery, Red Cross, Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments, and Circle Of Concern. To learn more, visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page.

Zoltek currently employs over 2,000 employees at manufacturing facilities located in the United States, Mexico and Hungary, and our sales and distribution network is worldwide. Although the exact benefits of working at each of our global locations varies, the part of our culture that prioritizes rewarding hard work demands that we provide our team with noticeably competitive employment benefits that tend to look a lot like this:

Medical, Dental, & Vision

Zoltek offers a comprehensive benefits package that provides coverage for employees, spouses, and dependents. Click here to learn more about transparency in coverage.

Short & Long Term Disability

Disability coverage is provided at no cost to eligible employees.


You can choose to set aside some of your pre-tax earnings to pay for qualified healthcare and/or daycare expenses.

LAP (Life Assistance Program)

Our Life Assistance Program provides confidential professional assistance to employees and members of immediate family for personal problems, and acts as a community resource for legal consultation, parenting, senior care, child care, pet care, and financial services.


We offer a competitive 401(k) plan with a company match, which allows you to contribute both pre-tax and after-tax income, subject to IRS limits.

Personal Time Off (PTO)

Zoltek offers a generous PTO package for when you need time off.


Zoltek observes 11 paid holidays per year!

Training & Development

We are committed to helping our employees succeed and offer a wide variety of learning and development opportunities.

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