Oil and Gas (Offshore Drilling) Applications

ZOLTEK’s deepwater products provide less weight and more stiffness and strength to deepwater oil exploration – enabling deepwater systems to operate at depths unreachable with traditional materials. Couple these properties with the inherently fire-resistant properties of ZOLTEK’s OX carbon fiber materials and you can easily see why offshore drilling for the oil and gas industry has been greatly impacted by the advent of carbon fiber as a resource for unique applications.

The challenges typically associated with the oil and gas industries, particularly in terms of offshore drilling applications are directly overcome by the properties of ZOLTEK carbon fiber. High exploration and development risks and costs are mitigated by the cost-effective nature of ZOLTEK carbon fibers. Harsh environments are no match for the corrosion, fatigue and heat resistance of our ZOLTEK OX product line. For both deep and ultra-deepwater applications, carbon fiber is a reasonable alternative to steel and other more traditional materials.

Oil and Gas (Offshore Drilling) Products

PX35 Tow

Composites manufactured from ZOLTEK PX35 provide longer lifecycle economic benefits through corrosion resistance and low-maintenance, transportation, and installation costs.

Pultruded Rods

Pultruded profiles are production-ready carbon composites for infrastructure applications, deep sea exploration, wind energy, and other applications benefiting from the unique properties of pultruded carbon fiber parts.

PX30 & PX35 Milled

ZOLTEK PX35 and PX30 milled carbon fiber is specially processed PAN (polyacrylonitrile) based fiber suitable for high-volume applications that require strength and/or electrostatic dissipation.