Wind Energy Applications

ZOLTEK carbon fiber is the industry standard for carbon fiber wind energy reinforcement. With an excellent balance of strength, stiffness and cost, ZOLTEK carbon fiber allows for more slender blade profile resulting in higher aerodynamic efficiency, lighter, longer, stiffer, and stronger wind turbine blades, overall more efficient wind turbine providing lower Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) and higher Annual Energy Production and above all else, reliable carbon fiber supply at a sustainable price.


ZOLTEK Technical Services

ZOLTEK can provide comprehensive technical support for spar cap manufacturing. After serving the wind energy industry for over 12 years, ZOLTEK has developed significant expertise in building wind blade structural composites with carbon fiber. Technical assistance is available with material dispensing tools and techniques that can save our customers time and money.

ZOLTEK carbon fiber products have been used in wind turbine blades since 2004. Today, over 40,000mt of carbon fiber is spinning on a wind turbine tower to generate electricity. ZOLTEK PX35 products have become the de facto standard in wind energy.

Wind Energy Products

Px35 Tow

At the center (or beginning or start) of all structural composites is PX35 Carbon Fiber Tow. ZOLTEK’s PX35 tow has an excellent balance of strength and stiffness for demanding wind energy applications. The large tow size (50K) enables high throughput processing.

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PX35 Prepreg

ZOLTEK’s PX35 prepreg is an epoxy based UD tape prepreg. Carbon fiber areal weights of 500 to 600 gsm allows for rapid build-up of spar cap thickness with fewer plys. ZOLTEKoffers a semi-automated prepreg application device to provide for wrinkle and void free spar cap laminates.

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PX35 Uni-Directional Fabric

Resin infusion of uni-directional fabrics for wind blade spar caps is a well known process in the industry. ZOLTEK offers UD fabrics in areal weights from 600 gsm up to 900 gsm. The fabric manufacturing technology and process employed by ZOLTEK provides superior permeability for infusing thick laminates of over 50 plys and spar cap thickness over 40mm.

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PX35 Pultruded Plate

ZOLTEK’s pultruded plate product completes the current product offerings for wind energy. The pultrusion manufacturing process combines resin and fiber under perfect conditions of alignment and straightness to maximize composite properties, especially compression strength. ZOLTEK has developed technology and can assist on building a spar cap using pultruded plates.

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