Civil Engineering Applications

The lines of ZOLTEK fabrics are often utilized in the repair or upgrade of concrete structures including bridges, columns, and beams. ZOLTEK PX35 has enhanced load bearing capabilities which put less strain on infrastructure, provide cost and scheduling benefits through minimally invasive repair methods, and use non-corrosive materials with outstanding fatigue performance. The fabrics are saturated with epoxy and applied to the concrete structure using a wet layup process. The fabrics, in combination with appropriate saturating resins, are referred to as fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) systems.

Civil Engineering Products

PX35 Uni-Directional Fabric

This product’s unique fiber spreading techniques enable a wide range of fabric weights and constructions for composite part applications ideal for infrastructure applications. Specially constructed for enhanced infusibility, ZOLTEK’s Uni-Directional Fabric also allows for a rapid build-up of part thickness.

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PX35 Pultruded Profile

Pultruded profiles are production-ready carbon composites for infrastructure applications. Pre-cured, thick-ply carbon fiber laminates are specifically for ideal structural reinforcement applications. Available in a variety of thicknesses and complex shapes, our pultrusion products deliver optimized properties with high fiber volumes, nearly zero void content, and locked-in filament alignment.

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Chopped & Milled Carbon Fiber

ZOLTEK’s chopped and milled carbon fiber solutions are perfect foundations for composites designed to enhance civil engineering applications. Available in a variety of forms, the ultimate goal is to identify what properties of each carbon fiber type will uniquely enhance the end-use of the product.

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