Sporting Equipment Applications

The high-strength, high modulus (stiffness) and light-weight properties of carbon fiber have taken sporting goods to the next level of performance. Golf shafts, racquets, skis, snowboards, hockey sticks, fishing rods, bats, and bicycles have all been advanced through carbon fiber reinforcements and the opportunities to further improve sporting good applications are boundless.

The reason for using carbon fiber for sporting good applications is not only its light-weight and durable properties, but also the freedom it provides when designing highly-specific applications. The precise feeling and shape of a piece of equipment, which is critical to its performance, are easily achieved when working with carbon fiber materials.

In fact, carbon fiber has been described as a game-changing material, and this couldn’t be truer as it is in sporting goods. Bikers ride faster, golfers improve their swing, skiers have more control and versatility; carbon fiber pushes sport to the next level of performance. The deepest penetration of carbon fiber in the sports equipment can been seen in tennis racket. Players can hit faster ball with the lighter racket and control the ball better with larger area of the racket.

ZOLTEK provides the low-cost, high-performance carbon fiber needed for application into sporting goods.

Sporting Equipment Products


ZOLTEK PX35 is the low-cost commercial carbon fiber that has revolutionized the carbon fiber industry and paved the way for carbon fiber to break into a variety of new applications, particularly those in the sporting goods industry.

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