Airplane Brakes Applications

ZOLTEK’s carbon braking materials are manufactured to withstand extreme braking conditions that demand resistance to harsh temperature and chemical environments. ZOLTEK fibers are supplied at different carbon content levels and withstand different properties depending on the brake manufacturing process employed.

The adoption of carbon brakes in the aerospace industry has reduced overall aircraft mass, provided longer lasting brakes, and improved overall stopping power. Additionally, carbon brakes cool significantly faster than steel brakes, which has led to quicker aircraft turn around times (often critical in military operations).

The same material technology used in aircraft brakes is also available in the automotive sector. ZOLTEK is currently providing automotive brake manufacturers with carbon braking materials that last longer, weigh less, and have superior stopping power.

Chances are that you have already experienced the performance of our fibers first hand during your last airplane landing.

Airplane Brakes Products


ZOLTEK OX fibers are used as the primary reinforcement material for the majority of brake friction materials. They are processed via a conventional textile process and converted into carbon-carbon composites by the various brake manufacturers. ZOLTEKOX fibers are used for their ability to tolerate high temperatures, which can exceed 2000° F during landings. ZOLTEK’s AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified manufacturing systems provide the consistent quality required in this safety critical application.