Composite Applications

In its most basic form, a composite material is one which is composed of at least two elements working together to produce material properties that are different than the properties of those elements on their own. Whether you’re working with a polymer matrix composite, metal matrix composite, or ceramic matrix composite, ZOLTEK carbon fiber is a fantastic resource wherever high strength-to-weight ratio and rigidity are required.

We commonly see carbon fiber as either their matrix or reinforcement element in aerospace, automotive, civil engineering, sporting goods and an increasing number of other consumer and technical composite applications

ZOLTEK Carbon Fibers lend themselves well to a variety of manufacturing methods including, molding, vacuum bagging, compression molding, filament winding, spray lay-up, wet(hand) lay-up, pultrusion, resin transfer molding (RTM, prepregs, and resin film infusion (RFI). Because of the versatility of our carbon fiber products, the possibility for composite creation is nearly limitless.

It’s worth noting the process through which ZOLTEK carbon fibers come to be such a spectacular fit for composite applications. The resin matrix spreads the load applied to the composite between each of the individual fibers and also protects the fibers from damage caused by abrasion and impact. High strengths and stiffness, ease of molding complex shapes, high environmental resistance all coupled with low densities, are outcomes of carbon fiber composites.

When your composite application requires the benefits of the highest specific stiffness of any commercially available fiber, very high strength in both tension and compression and a high resistance to corrosion, and protection against creep and fatigue, one of our carbon fiber products is the ideal investment.

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Composite Products


ZOLTEK PX35 is the low-cost commercial carbon fiber that has revolutionized the carbon fiber industry and paved the way for carbon fiber to break into a variety of new composite applications.


Designed for use in the most extreme heat applications, ZOLTEK PX30 is an industry leading solution for composite challenges demanding very high temperature and very harsh chemical resistance properties.


ZOLTEK OX is inherently flame resistant, making it an effective heat-blocking and fire barrier material. It outperforms all other organic flame resistant fibers in terms of limiting oxygen index and does so at a very competitive price.