Engineering Technology Corporation

Engineering Technology Corporation was established as a filament winding machine manufacturer over 50 years ago in Salt Lake City, UT. Innovator from the start, producing the industry’s first computer-controlled filament winding machine. They developed and supported machinery for pultrusion, fiber placement, spool winding, towpreg and prepreg production, fiberglass pipe and tank production, as well as a variety of customized filament winding equipment of all sizes and are now beginning to focus more and more on automated manufacturing solutions.

Today, over 80% of the world’s composite pressure vessels are wound on their filament winding machines, as well as 70% of the world’s wound golf shafts.

Engineering Technology has become the supplier of choice for manufacturers such as NASA, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, Aerojet, Ameron, SCI, Luxfer, Daewoo, McDonnell Douglas, Fiat Avio, General Dynamics, General Motors, Nissan Aerospace and Chung Shan Institute.

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