Chopped Fiber

ZOLTEK’s chopped fiber is commonly compounded with general engineering thermoplastics (e.g., PC, Nylon, etc.) and high-temperature thermoplastic resins (e.g, PEEK, PEI, etc.). The resulting composite offers high strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios. Our chopped fibers have a high bulk density value, which allows for cleaner and more consistent flow rates. They also distribute easily during compounding, thereby improving process and product performance. Our chopped fibers are available in a pellet, flake, or stick form.

Applications: Automotive | Oil & Gas | Infrastructure | Thermoplastic Compounding


Standard Fiber LengthRecommended UseDatasheet
Chopped Pellet - Type 956 mm (0.25 in.)PolyamidesPDF
Chopped Pellet - Type 83

6 mm (0.25 in.)High-Temperature Thermoplastics (HTTP): PEEK, PEI, PPA, PAI, PES, PSUPDF

Chopped Pellet - Type 656 mm (0.25 in.)Engineering Thermoplastics (ETP): PC, PA, POM,
Chopped Pellet - Type 556 mm (0.25 in)Polyolefins, such as PE and PPPDF
Chopped Pellet - Type 488 mm (0.33 in)PBT/PET, PA (nylon)PDF
Chopped Pellet - Type 45
6 mm (0.25 in.)
Engineering Thermoplastics (ETP): PC, PA, POM,
Chopped Flake - Type 133, 6, & 13 mm (0.125, 0.25, & 0.50 in)Thermoset resins: Epoxy, Vinyl Ester, Unsaturated
Polyester, and Phenolic.
Dispersible Chopped Flake - Type 02
3 - 50 mm (0.125 - 2.0 in)Applications requiring full dispersion of fiber bundlesPDF

chopped fiber