ZOLTEK Corporation Continuous Tow

ZOLTEK PX35 Continuous Tow

ZOLTEK PX35 Continuous Tow is the premier commercial carbon fiber on the market. It is a 50K filament fiber manufactured from polyacrylonitrile (PAN) precursor, and is available with a range of sizings for optimal processing and compatibility with a variety of resin systems. ZOLTEK’s quality system focuses on spool-to-spool consistency yielding low coefficients of variation.

Material OverviewSIUS
Tensile Strength4,137 MPa600 ksi
Tensile Modulus242 GPa35 msi
Electrical Resistivity0.00155 ohm-cm0.00061 ohm-in
Density1.81 g/cc0.065 lb/in3
Fiber Diameter7.2 microns0.283 mils
Carbon Content95%95%
Yield267 m/kg397 ft/lb
Textile Units267 m/kg33700 denier
Spool Weight5.5 kg, 11 kg12 lb, 24 lb
Spool Length1,500 m , 3,000 m1,640 yd, 3,280 yd
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