ZOLTEK Corporation Prepreg

Ideal for rapidly building part thickness with excellent composite properties, ZOLTEK PX35 allow for higher manufacturing throughput at a lower cost. These prepreg tapes are available in areal weights from 150 gsm to 600 gsm, based on carbon areal weight. Different epoxy resin formulations meet a variety of processing and composite property requirements for tack, toughness, flow in cure, surface finish, cure time, cure temperature, and delivered composite strength and modulus.

Recommended Use: Any, Excellent for hand layup or automated fabrication processes
Applications: Wind energy, automotive, petroleum production, aviation, marine, industrial, other transportation, medical (including x-ray), sports and recreation

Typical PropertiesSIUSMethod
Tensile Strength1,850 MPa268 ksiDIN EN ISO 527
Tensile Modulus130 GPa18.9 msiDIN EN ISO 527
Compressive Strength1,320 MPa191 ksiDIN EN ISO 14126
Compressive Modulus125 GPa18.1 msiDIN EN ISO 14126
Interlaminer Shear Strength70 MPa10 ksiASTM D 2344
+/-45 In-Plane Shear Strength59 MPa8.6 ksiDIN EN ISO 14129
+/-45 In-Plane Shear Modulus4.8 GPa696 ksiDIN EN ISO 14129
Glass Translation Temperature (Tg,G")120°C248°FDMA

ZOLTEK Corporation Prepreg Applications