ZOLTEK Corporation Multi-Directional Fabric

ZOLTEK Multi-Directional Fabrics are produced from our ZOLTEK PX35 continuous carbon fiber tow. ZOLTEK utilizes unique fiber spreading techniques to obtain a wide range of Multi-Directional fabric weights for a varied set of composite part applications. A quick composite part build-up is cost effectively achieved with our diverse weight range of low-cost carbon fabric products. ZOLTEK Multi-Directional Fabrics drapable fabric construction is also ideal for complex shape preforms. Pillar and Tricot stitching patterns are available as needed.

Applications: Automotive, marine, Aircraft, Infrastructure
Recommended Use: Body Panels (Interior/Exterior), Components/Undercarriage, Reinforcement

Material Fiber PropertiesSIUS
Tensile Strength4,137 MPa600 ksi
Tensile Modulus242 GPa35 msi
Electrical Conductivity0.00155 ohm-cm0.00061 ohm-in
Density1.81 g/cc0.065 lb/in3
Fiber Diameter7.2 microns0.000283 in
Carbon Content95%95%

ZOLTEK Corporation Multi-Directional Fabric Applications