ZOLTEK Corporation Roving

Designed with improved handling characteristics in-mind, ZOLTEK PX30 Roving is manufactured using high twist ZOLTEK OX yarns and the proprietary high temperature batch carbonization process characteristic all of ZOLTEK’s high purity ZOLTEK PX30 products. ZOLTEK PX30 Roving is carbonized to >99%. Due to the high carbon contents, low oxidation rate, and performance in extreme heat applications, of this products, it is widely used in the manufacturing of friction clutches and brakes. Additionally, Thick fabrics woven of ZOLTEKPX30 High Twist Roving allow for efficient buildup during fabrication of the carbon composite substructures.

Material OverviewSIUS
Carbon Content99%99%
Density1.75 g/cc0.063 lb/in3
Yield2,015 m/kg1,000 yds/lb
Denier4,465 g/9,000 m4,465 g/9,000 m
Twist DirectionS or ZS or Z
Turns Per Inch1.71.7
Oxidation Rate (% per hour) at 932°F (500°C)1.01.0
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ZOLTEK Corporation Roving Applications

ZOLTEK PX30 carbonized fiber products perform incredibly well in several speciality applications that demand very high temperature and very harsh chemical resistance. The various product forms of ZOLTEK PX30 are uniquely suited for several specific end-uses. However, ZOLTEK PX30 is frequently used for the following, broader, applications: