ZOLTEK Corporation Milled

ZOLTEK PX30 milled carbon fiber is specially processed PAN (polyacrylonitrile) based fiber suitable for high-volume applications that require strength and/or electrostatic dissipation. ZOLTEK PX30 high-purity milled fibers are 99+% pure carbon fibers derived from ZOLTEK’s high temperature graphitization process. All ZOLTEK milled carbon fiber products are free of any sizings, and our in-house milling system ensures product quality and traceability from raw material through finished product.

Material OverviewSIUS
Carbon Content99%99%
Electrical Resistivity (Volume)0.0014 ohm-cm0.00055 ohm-im
Linear Resistivity0.069 ohm/cm0.02717 ohm/in
Density1.75 g/cc0.063 lb/in³
Bulk Density465 g/L (MF150)
350 g/L (MF200)
30.6 lb/ft³ (MF150)
30.6 lb/ft³ (MF150)
Fiber Diameter7.2 μm0.283 mils
Average Fiber Length100 μm (MF150)
150 μm (MF200)
4 mils (MF150)
6 mils (MF200)
Filament ShapeRoundRound

ZOLTEK Corporation Milled Applications

ZOLTEK PX30 carbonized fiber products perform incredibly well in several speciality applications that demand very high temperature and very harsh chemical resistance. The various product forms of ZOLTEK PX30 are uniquely suited for several specific end-uses. However, ZOLTEK PX30 is frequently used for the following, broader, applications: