ZOLTEK Uni-Directional Fabric

ZOLTEK’s Uni-Directional Fabric (Stitch-Bonded) is produced from our ZOLTEK PX35 50K Continuous Tow Carbon Fiber. In keeping with ZOLTEK’s commitment to providing ideal solutions to a variety of application challenges, this product’s unique fiber spreading techniques enable a wide range of fabric weights and constructions for composite part applications. Specially constructed for enhanced infusibility, ZOLTEK’s Uni-Directional Fabric also allows for a rapid build-up of part thickness. Depending on an application’s unique needs, fabric treatment such as binders can be added to the fabric.

Reference Design Values for UD Fabric
Elastic Constants
Tensile Modulus, Fiber DirectionE1t121GPa
Comprehensive Modulus, Fiber Direction E1c110GPa
Tensile Modulus, Transverse DirectionE28.5GPa
In-plane Shear ModulusG124.8GPa
Poisson's Ratio, in-planenu_120.3
Transverse Shear Modulus (approx)G233.3GPa
Transverse Poisson's Ratio (approx)nu_230.3
Tensile Strength, Fiber DirectionXt1405MPa
Compressive Strength, Fiber DirectionXc850MPa
Tensile Strength, Transverse DirectionYt38MPa
Compressive Strength, Transverse DirectionYc169MPa
In-plane Shear StrengthSl59MPa
Transverse Shear StrengthSt-MPa

ZOLTEK offers carbon fiber non-crimp fabrics with fiber sizings specifically designed for the HP-RTM Process which provide excellent out of mold surface quality.

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ZOLTEK Uni-Directional Fabric Applications