PX35 ProductsIn the world of materials, ZOLTEK PX35 has emerged as the industrial carbon fiber – one that is both affordable and delivers the strength to weight performance equal to or better than many “aerospace” grades. It is made from our abundant textile-based precursor and manufactured in a proprietary high-throughput process which results in an affordable fiber without sacrificing strength or stiffness.

ZOLTEK PX35 is the low-cost commercial carbon fiber that has revolutionized the carbon fiber industry and paved the way for carbon fiber to break into a variety of new applications. PX35 is the dominant carbon fiber in the wind turbine industry and is on the forefront of many other applications including infrastructure, automotive, pressure vessels, offshore drilling, and other industrial applications. It is the best value proposition of any other carbon fiber with market-leading properties at a market-leading price. Our sustainable pricing structure is independent of the volatile aerospace industry, and is designed to compete with other primary building materials.

Spool-to-Spool Consistency – By controlling the process from precursor manufacturing to carbonization and maintaining ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 certifications, ZOLTEK PX35 continues to exhibit superior levels of consistency from spool to spool for critical properties and characteristics.

Standard Fiber Properties

Tensile Strength4137 MPa600 ksi
Tensile Modulus242 GPa35 msi
Electrical Resistivity0.00155 ohm-cm0.00061 ohm-in
Density1.81 g/cc0.065 lb/in3
Fiber Diameter7.2 microns0.283 mils
Carbon Content95%
Yield267 m/kg397 ft/lb
Spool Weight5.5 kg, 11 kg12 lb, 24 lb
Spool Length1500 m, 3000 m1640 yd, 3280 yd

ZOLTEK PX35 Brochure

ZOLTEK PX SDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

Product Forms

ZOLTEK PX35 Continuous Tow (50K) is the premier commercial carbon fiber on the market. It is a 50K filament fiber manufactured from polyacrylonitrile (PAN) precursor, and is available with a range of sizings for optimal processing and compatibility with a variety of resin systems. ZOLTEK’s quality system focuses on spool-to-spool consistency yielding low coefficients of variation. More on Continuous Tow.

Applications: Wind Energy | Automotive | Infrastructure | Offshore Drilling | Sporting Goods


ZOLTEK PX35 Chopped Carbon Fibers are commonly compounded with general engineering thermoplastics (eg: PC, Nylon, etc.) and high-temperature thermoplastic resins (eg: PEEK, PEI, etc.). The resulting composite offers high strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios. Our chopped fibers have a high bulk density value, which allows for cleaner and more consistent flow rates. The also distribute easily during compounding, thereby improving process and product performance. Our chopped fibers are available in a pellet, flake, or stick form. More on Chopped Fiber.

Applications: Wind Energy | Automotive | Infrastructure | Offshore Drilling


ZOLTEK PX35 Milled Fibers are specially processed PAN (polyacrylonitrile) based fibers for high-volume applications that require strength and/or electrostatic dissipation. ZOLTEK’s in-house milling system ensures product quality and traceability from raw material through finished product. More on Milled Fiber.

Applications: Automotive | Infrastructure | Offshore Drilling


ZOLTEK PX35 Stitch-Bonded Uni-directional Carbon Fabrics are produced from our ZOLTEK PX35 50K Continuous Tow. Unique fiber spreading techniques enable a wide range of fabric weights and constructions for composite part applications. Our fabrics have been specially constructed for enhanced infusibility, and allow for a rapid build-up of part thickness. More on Uni-directional Fabrics.

Applications: Wind Energy | Automotive | Infrastructure | Offshore Drilling


ZOLTEK PX35 Tow Weave Carbon Fabrics are produced from our ZOLTEK PX35 50K Continuous Tow. Quick composite part build-up is cost effectively achieved with our cosmetically attractive carbon fiber fabrics. Applications include large composite tooling parts and aesthetically appealing finished composite components. More on Woven Fabrics.

Applications: Wind Energy | Automotive | Infrastructure


ZOLTEK’s needlepunched felts are produced from ZOLTEK OX oxidized PAN fibers and later carbonized to 95% carbon content in our vacuum furnaces. Current applications include insulation in high-temperature furnaces, filtration media in high-temperature and/or corrosive environments, and energy storage. The unique properties of ZOLTEK PX35 carbon felts are optimal for complex thermal, corrosive or conductive applications. More on Felts.

Applications: Wind Energy | Automotive | Infrastructure | Offshore