zoltek-fabrics Fabrics

ZOLTEK™ PX30 woven carbon fiber fabrics made from spun yarn that is tailored for a variety of finished composite thicknesses. These fabrics have high cross-ply tensile and interlaminar shear strengths in composite materials. Another advantage of these fabrics is their contour conformation without wrinkling. ZOLTEK™ PX30 fabrics are thermally stable and chemically pure with low oxidation rates.

Applications of ZOLTEK™ PX30 woven fabrics include carbon-carbon composites and other processes where chemical vapor infiltration or prepregging is required.

DescriptionConstructionAreal WeightRoll WidthsBinderDatasheets
Carbonized Woven FabricPlain Weave115 g/m2
(3.4 oz/yd2)
81 - 88 cm
(32 – 35 in)
Plain Weave237 g/m2
(7.0 oz/yd2)
109 cm
(43 in)
8 Harness Satin Weave288 g/m2
(8.5 oz/yd2)
84,107 cm
(33, 42 in.)
Single Knit Jersey Fabric 7 oz250 g/m2
(7.5 oz/yd2)
56 cm
(22 in)
Carbonized SCRIM FabricSCRIM Plain Leno Weave37 g/m2
(1.3 oz/yd2)
99 cm
(39 in)
Acrylic Latex EVCPDF