ZOLTEK™ PX30 woven carbon fiber fabrics made from spun yarn that is tailored for a variety of finished composite thicknesses. These fabrics have high cross-ply tensile and interlaminar shear strengths in composite materials. Another advantage of these fabrics is their contour conformation without wrinkling. ZOLTEK PX30 fabrics are thermally stable and chemically pure with low oxidation rates.

Applications of ZOLTEK PX30 woven fabrics include carbon-carbon composites and other processes where chemical vapor infiltration or prepregging is required.

DescriptionConstructionAreal WeightRoll WidthsBinderDatasheets
Carbonized Woven FabricPlain Weave115 g/m2
(3.4 oz/yd2)
81 - 88 cm
(32 – 35 in)
Plain Weave237 g/m2
(7.0 oz/yd2)
109 cm
(43 in)
8 Harness Satin Weave288 g/m2
(8.5 oz/yd2)
84,107 cm
(33, 42 in.)
Single Knit Jersey Fabric 7 oz250 g/m2
(7.5 oz/yd2)
56 cm
(22 in)
Carbonized SCRIM FabricSCRIM Plain Leno Weave37 g/m2
(1.3 oz/yd2)
99 cm
(39 in)
Acrylic Latex EVCPDF