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Zoltek Carbon Fiber Featured In New Uniti Car

Zoltek Companies, Inc., a global leader in the production of low-cost industrial grade carbon fiber, has its PX35 carbon fiber featured on the new Uniti electric car currently making waves in Sweden. The new Uniti car, debuting on December 7th in Landskrona, Sweden, features an all carbon fiber body in place of a traditional metal design.

By utilizing Zoltek PX35 carbon fiber, Uniti was able to create an electric car that is lightweight without sacrificing safety or comfort. “Uniti is pioneering a new space in the electric vehicle market.  We are pleased to support the efforts of this innovative team, and even more pleased that Uniti recognizes Zoltek’s PX35 as a key enabling material on their initial vehicle,” remarked David Purcell, Executive Vice President of Composite Intermediates and Oxidized Fiber. PX35 carbon fiber has superior mechanical properties that are comparable to steel with just 25% of the density of steel at a price point competitive with aluminum and fiberglass.   Zoltek has the largest global capacity of industrial-grade carbon fiber that enables the support of automotive mass production.

Zoltek is currently supplying PX35 carbon fiber into wind energy and high-volume automotive applications as it supports the growing electric vehicle market. Based on early successes of carbon composite use in racing vehicles, carbon fiber use in mass market automotive applications is growing steadily. Zoltek has been a key driver of this trend, supporting customers from concept through production. Zoltek’s strategy of a low, stable price combined with the ability to rapidly expand capacity results in a carbon fiber supply well-suited for high-volume automotive applications.