ZOLTEK Thermoplastic Compound

ZOLTEK has specifically designed continuous tow, chopped fibers, and milled fibers for both general and high-temperature engineering thermoplastics. To further optimize the solutions provided, ZOLTEK has also developed specific sizing technology for all major thermoplastic materials. The end result is a revolutionized approach to thermoplastics in which compounders can achieve physical property improvements that will move thermoplastic into new application areas. With this technology, nylon compounds can replace traditional cast aluminum and Mg applications. PP compounds can compete with higher density filled materials or vertical panel applications. Higher heat materials have already been compounded for use in 3D printed tooling.

Our portfolio of sizings are compatible with Nylons, Polycarbonates, and several high-temperature thermoplastics (PEI, PEEK, PPS, etc.).

Each ZOLTEK PX35 thermoplastic-optimized fiber has its benefits. High bulk density values allow for cleaner, more consistent flow rates. Chopped fiber is available in various lengths for thermoplastic compounding. Milled fiber is available in pellet form of as a dry powder. The compact pellet form maintains its integrity from the package through the hopper and distributes easily during compounding, improving process and product performance

ZOLTEK’s PX35 carbon fiber also has excellent mechanical and electrical properties including electrical conductivity, dimensional stability, and low thermal expansion.