ZOLTEK OX Felts are produced from 100% ZOLTEK OX oxidized PAN fibers. These felts act as superior thermal, fire, and spark barriers and can be blended with other strengthening fibers, such as aramid. Always versatile, this ZOLTEK OX solution is readily available in various thicknesses and areal weights. Both cost-effective and high-performing, ZOLTEK OX felts are common in a diverse range of high-temperature industrial applications.

Material OverviewFT0500-200FT0500-200FT0575-095FT0575-095FT060-60FT060-60FT1700-110FT1700-110
Areal Weight500 g/m215 oz/yd2576 g/m217 oz/yd2203 g/m26.0 oz/yd21700 g/m250 oz/yd2
Width203 cm80 in94 cm37 in152 cm60 in117 cm46 in
Roll Length100 m109 yds45 m50 yds45 m50 yds60 m66 yds
Thickness4.2 mm0.17 in6.4 mm0.25 in2 mm0.08 in12.7 mm0.5 in
Fiber Input1.7 or 2.2 dTex1.7 or 2.2 dTex1.7 or 2.2 dTex1.7 or 2.2 dTex1.7 or 2.2 dTex1.7 or 2.2 dTex1.7 or 2.2 dTex1.7 or 2.2 dTex
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ZOLTEK Felts Applications

Inherently flame resistant and incredibly versatile, ZOLTEK OX has been revolutionizing heat-blocking and fire barrier applications for over 20 years. In addition to outperforming all other organic flame resistant fibers available on the market, ZOLTEK OX is available at a cost-efficient price point that will directly amplify the value of any potential end-use. Common applications include: