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Zoltek Introduces New Line of Carbonized Felt & Fabric

Zoltek Companies, Inc., a global leader in the production of low-cost industrial grade carbon fiber, has announced a new line of carbonized felt and fabric products targeted at energy storage applications.

Zoltek’s new carbonized felt and fabric materials are being evaluated and qualified as the battery electrode product of choice for redox flow and other new battery storage technologies. Zoltek’s new products offer many desirable features including corrosion resistance, high porosity, low electrical resistivity and excellent thermal stability. Tailoring these products to meet the customer’s specific end use requirements is also possible.

“Traditional lithium-Ion batteries present a number of technical and safety concerns for large scale energy storage systems that are better addressed with the use of our new carbonized materials in redox flow and other battery storage technologies.” says Alan Handermann, General Manager of Technical Fibers for Zoltek. “These new carbonized materials are going to allow the energy storage industry to expand into new application areas on an even larger scale.”

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