ZOLTEK™ OX Felts are produced from ZOLTEK OX oxidized PAN fibers. It acts as a superior thermal, fire, and spark barrier, and can be blended with other strengthening fibers such as aramids. It is often used for thermal / acoustical insulation in aerospace, as a fireproofing barrier in automotive, or as a heat and fire-resistant barrier for a variety of other high-temperature industrial applications.

DescriptionConstructionAreal WeightDensityCarbon ContentThicknessRoll WidthProduct CodeDatasheet
Oxidized FeltNeedle-punched Non-woven500 g/m2
(15 oz/yd2)
1.37 g/cc62%4.2 mm
(0.17 in)
200 cm
(80 in)
576 g/m2
(17 oz/yd2)
6.4 mm
(0.25 in)
94 cm
(37 in)