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Zoltek Continues to Expand Carbon Fiber Production in Mexico

Zoltek Companies, Inc., the global leader in industrial grade carbon fiber, has announced it is expanding its carbon fiber production capacity again at the facility located in Guadalajara, Mexico.

This 6,000 MT expansion in Mexico will start production in early 2023 and will add to the 6,000 MT expansion recently completed in 2021.  By expanding operations again in Mexico, Zoltek will increase its North American carbon fiber capacity to 20,000MT.   Zoltek’s global carbon fiber production capacity will increase to 35,000MT, making it the largest carbon fiber supplier in the world.

Zoltek continues its mission to commercialize carbon fiber and increase its position as the global leader in industrial-grade carbon fiber.  Zoltek has dedicated 100% of its global capacity to establish the standard for large-scale industrial applications such as wind energy and automotive. “Demand for our industrial-grade carbon fiber in energy and transportation applications continues to grow at a rapid pace,” notes David Purcell, Executive Vice President for Zoltek, “and we are supporting this growth with the 6,000 MT installation in 2021, and again in 2023.   More importantly, we have diversified our customer base to create a stronger foundation for future growth”.  Zoltek’s PX35 carbon fiber has the largest global capacity, and the preferred carbon fiber for industrial applications due to its balance of cost competitiveness and delivered performance.