ZOLTEK Corporation Products

Commercializing Carbon Fiber

ZOLTEK’s mission is to lead the commercialization of Carbon Fiber. We view our products as the ultimate tool that drives industries forward through stable pricing, supply availability, and advanced technology. What once began as a space-age material for the aerospace market has now become a valuable resource in a variety of more common-place applications.

ZOLTEK has developed a comprehensive arsenal of product options to choose from. With a variety of forms and customizations available upon request, the applications are virtually limitless. Our commercial grade carbon fibers are known as ZOLTEK PX 35. Our high-purity and high-thermal performance carbon fibers are known as ZOLTEK PX30 and our oxidized PAN fibers are known as ZOLTEK OX. ZOLTEK also offers unmatched efficiency and sustainability with our ZOLTEK Recycled Fiber product line.

For our team of highly trained and specialized carbon fiber experts, the ultimate goal is to connect our customers with a form of carbon fiber that is uniquely suited to their application. We invite you to explore our product database to evaluate which ZOLTEK solution can lift your industry to a higher level of performance.