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Zoltek Named Company of the Year 2021

November 4, 2021

Zoltek Zrt, our division located in Nyergesújfalu, Hungary, has been named the winner of the Company of the Year Award from FIGYELO.

FIGYELO, a leading Hungarian Business Magazine, has compiled lists of the largest and fastest growing companies in Hungary for more, than 20 years. FIGYELO TOP200 is a remarkable economic publication issued annually.  This year’s theme of the yearbook focuses on the reopening, the recovery of the economy and macroeconomic developments. A committee made up of heads of financial institutions and industrial companies reviewed financial achievements and overall stability to determine the rankings. Ultimately, Zoltek was selected as the Company of the Year for 2021.

Past winners include:

2017 – Ericsson Hungary

2018  – Market  Építő Zrt.

2019 – Knorr Bremse

2020 – Foxconn Industrial Internet Cloud Network Kft

2021 – ZOLTEK

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