TTNA 2022

TTNA 2022

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Technical Datasheets:

Zoltek has a vast array of technical datasheets available representing every product form we offer. Some key information that we would like to call your attention to can be found below.

Zoltek OX Technical Fiber Products


To view our complete selection of datasheets, please visit our datasheet repository by clicking here.

Oxidized Fiber Applications:

ZOLTEK OX is available for all forms of textile processing including: needle punching, stitch-bonding, hydroentangling, thermal bonding, chemical bonding, air-laying, wet-laying, ring spinning, stretch-breaking, weaving, knitting and braiding. End uses include aircraft brake performs, transportation heat and flame blocking layers, thermal, acoustical and vibration insulation liners, flame resistant apparel, intumescent mesh and as raw materials for carbonized and graphitized yarns, fabrics and felts.

Key Technical Fiber Information 

OX Tow Datasheet

OX Staple Datasheet

OX Yarns

PX30 Yarns

Carbonized Felts


About Zoltek:

As the world’s largest producer of oxidized and stabilized PAN fibers, ZOLTEK is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of quality and service required for critical safety applications.

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Alan Handermann – General Manager Global Business Development – Technical Fibers

Dan Bergman – Americas Sales Manager – Technical Fibers

Alex Walk – Vice President Sales