ZOLTEK’s recycled milled fiber is ideal for high-volume applications that require strength and/or electrostatic dissipation. Similar to virgin milled fiber, ZOLTEK’s recycled milled fiber is produced using a proprietary in-house milling system. This process ensures superior product quality and traceability despite the estimated 3-5% properties reduction characteristic of recycled fiber. The low-cost benefits of any ZOLTEK milled fiber form are further enhanced by the cost-saving nature of recycled fiber production process. The end-result is a sustainable solution regularly used in resin-rich surface reinforcement for composites, low-cost friction compounds, and RFI/EMI shielding of electronic devices.

Material OverviewSIUS
Carbon Content92% minimum92% minimum
Electrical Resistivity0.00155 ohm-cm0.00061 ohm-in
Density1.81 g/cc0.065 lb/in3
Bulk Density (Packed)350 g/L21.8 lb/ft3
Fiber Diameter7.2 μm0.283 mils
Average Fiber Length100 μm (MF150)4 mils

ZOLTEK Milled Applications

Ideal as a lower-cost alternative for many commercial applications, ZOLTEK Recycled Carbon Fiber couples the power of carbon fiber with a focus on sustainability.