ZOLTEK Corporation Felts

ZOLTEK PXFT carbonized felts are produced from 100% ZOLTEK OX felts; that are continuously carbonized and supplied in roll form. ZOLTEK PXFT carbon felts can be used in many applications, including: stationary energy storage batteries, high temperature furnace linings, acid gas mist eliminators and as a carbon composite materials. Customers can apply their own post treatments and the felt is easy to process into customer specific designs.

Felt Material Overview
Carbon Content95%
Fiber Diameter7-9 µm
Fiber Density~1.78 g/cc (0.064 lb/in3)
BET Surface Area~1 m2/g
Trace MetalsFe < 20 ppm, Na < 30 ppm, Ca < 20 ppm
Material OverviewPXFT FT-1750PXFT FT-1750PX35 FT1035-100PX35 FT1035-100PXFT FT-540PXFT FT-540PXFT-450PXFT-450PXFT FT-305PXFT FT-305PXFT FT-250PXFT FT-250PXFT FT-50PXFT FT-50
Width98 cm39 in98 cm39 in98 cm39 in98 cm39 in98 cm39 in98 cm39 in80 cm31.5 in
Areal Weight1,750 gsm51.6 opsy1035 gsm30.5 opsy540 gsm15.9 opsy450 gsm13.3 opsy305 gsm9.0 opsy265 gsm7.8 opsy50 gsm1.5 opsy
Thickness16.5 mm0.65 in12.0 mm0.47 in6.0 mm0.24 in4.8 mm0.19 in4.0 mm 0.16 in3.4 mm0.13 in1.0 mm0.039 in
Felt Bulk Density0.11 g/cc0.00397 lb/in30.09 g/cc0.00325 lb/in30.09 g/cc 0.00325 lb/in30.09 g/cc0.00325 lb/in30.08 g/cc 0.00289 lb/in30.08 g/cc0.00289 lb/in30.05 g/cc0.0018 lb/in3
Roll Length45 m49 yds45 m49 yds45 m49 yds45 m49 yds80 m87 yds80 m87 yds80 m87 yds
Electrical Resistivity2.2 Ω mm2.2 Ω mm6.3 Ω mm6.3 Ω mm3.9 Ω mm3.9 Ω mm4.0 Ω mm4.0 Ω mm5.8 Ω mm5.8 Ω mm~5.0 Ω mm~5.0 Ω mm66 Ω mm 66 Ω mm
Open Porosity94%94%95%95%95%95%95%95%96%96%96%96%97%97%
Tensile Strength in MD / XMD direction0.30 MPa / 0.30 MPa0.30 MPa / 0.30 MPa0.19 MPa / 0.34 MPa0.19 MPa / 0.34 MPa0.43 MPa / 0.41 MPa0.43 MPa / 0.41 MPa0.28 MPa / 0.48 MPa0.28 MPa / 0.48 MPa0.67 MPa / 0.36 MPa0.67 MPa / 0.36 MPa0.24 MPa/0.21 MPa0.24 MPa/0.21 MPa1.47 MPa / 0.51 MPa1.47 MPa / 0.51 MPa
Elongation in MD / XMD Direction18.6%/26.0%18.6%/26.0%41.5%/39.5%41.5%/39.5%19.3%/18.1%19.3%/18.1%18.5% / 18.3%18.5% / 18.3%13.2% / 16.0%13.2% / 16.0%13.9%/19.5%13.9%/19.5%7.9% / 25.5%7.9% / 25.5%