ZOLTEK Corporation Fabrics

Extremely thermally stable, ZOLTEK PX30 woven and knit fabrics are made from 100% ZOLTEK OX spun yarns designed to a specified thickness and areal weight. As a part of our commitment to innovation, ZOLTEK offers considerable versatility in our fabric forms including plain and satin weave constructions, and knit and scrim fabric types. Regardless of form, these fabrics provide superior tensile and interlaminar shear strength properties and easily drape, without wrinkling, particularly in composite materials. Due to the high carbon contents and low oxidation rates of ZOLTEK PX30 Fabrics, are particularly suited for carbon-carbon composites, fuel cell substrates, chemical vapor infiltration or prepreg processing and other thermally demanding applications.

DescriptionConstructionAreal WeightRoll WidthsBinder
Carbonized Woven FabricPlain Weave 115 g/m2
(3.4 oz/yd2)
81 - 88 cm
(32 – 35 in)
Carbonized Woven FabricPlain Weave237 g/m2
(7.0 oz/yd2)
109 cm
(43 in)
Carbonized Woven Fabric8 Harness Satin Weave 288 g/m2
(8.5 oz/yd2)
84,107 cm
(33, 42 in.)
Carbonized Woven FabricSingle Knit Jersey Fabric 7oz 250 g/m2
(7.5 oz/yd2)
56 cm
(22 in)
Carbonized SCRIM FabricSCRIM Leno Plain Weave 37 g/m2
(1.3 oz/yd2)
94 cm
(33 in)
Acrylic Latex EVC

ZOLTEK PX30 Woven Carbon Fabrics tailorability results from controlling the yield on rovings and yarns, and allows for a variety of finished composite thicknesses. The spun yarns have many surface fibrils that protrude in various directions at various lengths from the surface. This fiber loft contributes to high cross-ply tensile and interlaminar shear strengths for 2-D composite materials. Contour conformation without wrinkling is another advantage of spun yarn fabrics. ZOLTEK PX30 materials undergo high temperature carbonization process, involving a long temperature soak time, resulting in a very thermally stable and chemically pure fabric with low oxidation rate.

Material OverviewPlain Weave (PW03)Plain Weave (PW06)Satin Weave (SW08)
Areal Weight115 g/m23.4 oz/yd2237 g/m27.0 oz/yd2288 g/m28.5 oz/yd2
Count (W x F)175 x 175
yarns/10 cm
45 x 45
113 113
yarns/10 cm
29 x 29
160 x 160
yarns/10 cm
38 x 38
Thickness406 microns16 mils673 microns20 mils890 microns35 mils
Standard Widths838 mm33 inch1067 mm42 inch1067 mm42 inch
Roll Length *73 m80 yds36 m40 yds36 m40 yds
Yarn Input2/272/272/102/102/102/10
Electrical Resistivity0.0014 ohm-cm (0.00055 ohm-in)0.0014 ohm-cm (0.00055 ohm-in)0.0014 ohm-cm (0.00055 ohm-in)0.0014 ohm-cm (0.00055 ohm-in)0.0014 ohm-cm (0.00055 ohm-in)0.0014 ohm-cm (0.00055 ohm-in)
Carbon Content99%99%99%99%99%99%
Density1.75 g/cc (0.063 lb/in3)1.75 g/cc (0.063 lb/in3)1.75 g/cc (0.063 lb/in3)1.75 g/cc (0.063 lb/in3)1.75 g/cc (0.063 lb/in3)1.75 g/cc (0.063 lb/in3)
Oxidation Rate1% per hour at 932 °F (500 °C)1% per hour at 932 °F (500 °C)1% per hour at 932 °F (500 °C)1% per hour at 932 °F (500 °C)1% per hour at 932 °F (500 °C)1% per hour at 932 °F (500 °C)
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ZOLTEK PX30 Low-Oxidation Knitted Carbon Fabric is high modulus fiber fabric made from spun yarn. The fabric has a jersey knit construction, which conforms to multiple curvatures while addressing the need of extreme heat end uses. Thermal oxidative and dimensional stabilities are flawlessly obtained during heat treatment and the end-product is an industry leader in thermal protection system solutions.

Material OverviewSIUS
ConstructionSingle Knit JerseySingle Knit Jersey
Areal Weight250 g/m27.5 oz/yd2
Thickness1 mm0.040 in
Standard Widths51 cm20 in
Roll Length (minimum)14.63 m16 yds
Density1.75 g/cc0.063 lb/in3
Carbon Content99%99%
Oxidation Rate1% per hour at 932 °F (500 °C)1% per hour at 932 °F (500 °C)
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ZOLTEK PX30 carbon scrim is a plain leno weave fabric, produced from 100% ZOLTEK OX spun yarns, that undergo a proprietary high temperature, long carbonization soak process to obtain a high purity (>99% carbon) mesh material. The resultant chemically inert fabric exhibits superior thermal stability and a low oxidation rate, that overshadows any other option in the market. More specifically, ZOLTEK PX30 high-purity carbon scrim fabric is a specialized product. It is designed with an open weave construction ideal for applications requiring lightweight secondary reinforcement, such as that used in intumescent coating end uses. The scrim fabric is usually supplied with an FR coated finish for easy handling and installation. In addition, our ZOLTEK PX30 High-Purity Carbon Scrim Fabric is manufactured to the same high quality and high standards as all of the ZOLTEK PX30 woven products.

Material Overview8 x 4 Coated
ConstructionPlain Leno Weave
Yarn Input2/10 wc
Count (W x F)8 x 4
Areal Weight
ZOLTEK OX Scrim Fabric
ZOLTEK PX30 Scrim Fabric
Coated ZOLTEK PX30 Scrim Fabric
2.0 oz/yd2
1.3 oz/yd2
2.0 oz/yd2 Typical
Standard Width*~37 inches
Density1.75 g/cc
Carbon Content>99%
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ZOLTEK Corporation Fabrics Applications

ZOLTEK PX30 carbonized fiber products perform incredibly well in several speciality applications that demand very high temperature and very harsh chemical resistance. The various product forms of ZOLTEK PX30 are uniquely suited for several specific end-uses. However, ZOLTEK PX30 is frequently used for the following, broader, applications: