ZOLTEK Corporation Yarns

Produced from 100% ZOLTEK OX tow, ZOLTEK OX yarns are also at the foundation of ZOLTEK’s OX fabrics and felts. Because ZOLTEK OX yarns are inherently fire resistant, thermally stable, electrically nonconductive and exhibit excellent resistance to chemicals and solvents, there is no better yarn choice on the market. ZOLTEK OX stretch-broken yarns can be knit or woven and are often used in weaving and braiding applications for welding or mechanical packing end uses.

Worsted CountPliesDenier (g/9000 m)Decitex (g/10 km)Yield (yds/lb)Yield (m/kg)Turns Per Inch & “Twist”
1/27129632915,12030,48010.0 - “Z”
2/2725926587,56015,2406.0 - “S”
1/1018018905,60011,2896.0 - “Z” or “S”
2/1021,6031,7812,8005,6455.0 - “S”
1/511,5681,7422,8505,7456.0 - “Z”
2/523,1513,5011,4252,8732.1 - “S”
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ZOLTEK Corporation Yarns Applications

Inherently flame resistant and incredibly versatile, ZOLTEK OX has been revolutionizing heat-blocking and fire barrier applications for over 20 years. In addition to outperforming all other organic flame resistant fibers available on the market, ZOLTEK OX is available at a cost-efficient price point that will directly amplify the value of any potential end-use. Common applications include: