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Ford Engine Cover

This production ready part combined Zoltek PX35 carbon fiber and PA6.6 to create a part that was lighter in weight with improved performance compared to the original cast aluminum version. The part mass was successfully reduced by 24% without sacrificing existing features such as engine mount integration or
crank seal housing.

Carbon Fiber Engine Cover Key Features

  • Load Limiters at all through bolt interfaces
  • Knurled Threaded Inserts at all attachment interfaces
  • RTV Seal

Produced with Zoltek PX35 Nylon CompatIble Chopped Fiber

ZOLTEK PX35 Chopped Fiber is commonly compounded with general engineering thermoplastics (e.g., PC, Nylon, etc.) and high-temperature thermoplastic resins (e.g, PEEK, PEI, etc.). The resulting composite offers high strength-to-weight and stiffnessto-weight ratios. Our chopped fibers have a high bulk density value, which allows for cleaner and more consistent flow rates. They also distribute easily during compounding, thereby improving process and product performance.

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