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ETC Announces Release of ST2 – Innovative Servo Tensioner for High-Speed Winding

Engineering Technology Corporation Announces Release of ST2 – Innovative Servo Tensioner for High-Speed Winding

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, July 7, 2020 – Engineering Technology Corporation, a global expert in the filament winding and composite solutions previously known as “Entec,” has developed a new compact servo tensioning creel for high-speed wet, dry and towpreg winding. The primary goal of development was to provide an accurate tensioner that has a low number of contact points and the capability of maintaining accuracy at high payout speeds.
The system has been thoroughly tested with the most challenging fibers, such as pitch carbon fiber, alumina fiber, and others ranging from 1,000 to 50,000 filaments.

The unique configuration of the guide rollers keeps fuzz to a minimum and reduces stringer wrap-ups, which are an inherent issue with some fiber types. The ST2 can accommodate up to sixteen 9-inch (22.9 cm) diameter bobbins in an 82” X 72” X 40” (208.3cm X 182.8cm X 101.6cm) footprint. The system can be customized based on production specific requirements.

“The ST2 high-speed tensioner was designed to meet and exceed the ever-increasing demands of modern fiber winding. The new tensioning creel is particularly important for the company’s portfolio because it was developed to handle the high winding speeds achieved with the new CXG filament winder, geared to the high production of COPVs. ST2 went through a rigorous development period, and it was amazing to see how stable the tensioning system performed even at fast payout speeds,” said B Jay Larson, General Manager.

If you would like to know more about innovative ST2 tensioner, CXG winder, or other company’s products and services, please send a request to [email protected].

Press release publication: https://etcwinders.com/st2-servo-tensioner-announcement/

About Engineering Technology Corporation A Member of Zoltek® & Toray Group Engineering Technology Corporation was founded in 1962 as a filament winding machine manufacturer in Salt Lake City, UT (USA). The company is a global expert in filament winding and delivers complete solutions for the composites industry. In addition to filament winding machinery and production lines, they provide retrofits, automation, design & analysis services, prototyping and a robust software for filament winding – FiberGrafiX®. Commitment to customer satisfaction, long-term partnerships, and the best outcome for each filament winding project are goals the company strives to achieve. To learn more about Engineering Technology Corporation, please visit the website www.etcwinders.com or follow the company’s profile on LinkedIn.