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Engineering Technology Corporation Announces New Website Launch

Engineering Technology Corporation (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) Announces New Website Launch at www.etcwinders.com

Engineering Technology Corporation (ETC), a subsidiary of Zoltek and a global expert in the filament winding industry, previously known as “Entec”, is proud to announce the launch of its new website at www.etcwinders.com as a part of ETC’s contribution to the celebration of National Composite Week.

Completely rebranding from “Entec” to its name, Engineering Technology Corporation (ETC), the company remains a global expert in the filament winding industry. Over the past several years, ETC has been developing and standardizing a new lineup of machines for the filament winding industry. This was undertaken to provide customers with increased performance along with reduced lead time and cost. The new website was launched to provide a user friendly glimpse into ETC’s new machinery, as well as the trusted processes and services that the company has always been known for.

We are excited about the new website launch and the robust information it delivers to customers, partners, media, and job seekers across all platforms and devices. We look forward to sharing our expertise and encourage you to visit, explore, and enjoy your journey on the new website!