Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Carbon fiber is known for its versatility. From lightweighting automobiles to strengthening wind turbine blades, Zoltek enables the advancement of numerous industries. We look for the same characteristics from our team. At Zoltek, we value diversity as a resource for innovation and development and look to build a work environment that celebrates the unique capabilities of everyone contributing to our success.

Message from U.S. Toray Group Presidents

The last few months have been trying for all of us as we have been dealing with the changing world of COVID-19. The last few weeks have been especially difficult as we watched families grieving over family members taken from them too soon and in ways that are incomprehensible.

These events are challenging us to take a look at everything we do. The U.S. Toray Group companies are multicultural, multi-race, gender diverse organizations that are built on the fundamental principle of mutual respect for all. These values are consistent with Toray Industries philosophy and how we view the importance of our people on a global basis.

We join the world in grieving these tragic and senseless deaths. We stand in solidarity against injustice, racism, discrimination and acts of violence of any kind, including those against law enforcement.

Our commitment to a workplace that supports and encourages diversity and inclusion is what makes Toray a special place to work. And in the end, these are the keys to success.