Environmental Health and Safety

It is the responsibility of each employee and contractor work with a mindset of for zero incidents and accidents, eliminate all unsafe conditions, prevent all unsafe acts, and conduct all operations in a method that minimizes the negative impact to the environment with a continuous improvement approach.


ZOLTEK will continue to recognize and exercise our responsibility to:

  • Assure that our facilities and products are in compliance with the local environmental health and safety requirements and in conformance with other applicable environmental health and safety obligations.
  • To conduct operations in a manner that demonstrates respect for the environment and the human health by applying the best-available technology to solve our own environmental health and safety and conservation problems.
  • To respond effectively to environmental health and safety concerns involving ZOLTEK operations and develop products that support a sustainable growth.
  • To conserve natural resource and eliminate waste generation in our operations by applying the 4R technique.
  • To aware our employees in the individual’s responsibility for sound environmental health and safety decisions and foster continuous improvement through company and employee initiative.
  • Assist, whenever possible, governmental agencies and other official organizations engaged in environmental activities.