Zoltek Facility to House Toray PPS Resin Compound Production

Zoltek Hungary will house the new Toray Resin Production Site. Zoltek Companies, Inc. (headquartered St. Louis, Missouri, USA; hereinafter referred to as “Zoltek”), a global leader in the production of low cost industrial grade carbon fiber, will house the newest Toray operation on the Zoltek property in Nyergesújfalu, Hungary. Toray Industries, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Toray”), parent company to Zoltek, will be establishing a resin compound base in Europe for the first time.

Toray has chosen the Zoltek property as the ideal space to build their new PPS resin compound production facility due to its central location within Europe. While this Toray production facility will operate alongside Zoltek and will utilize already established infrastructure, it will operate as a division of Toray. “We are pleased to support the Toray resin business in Europe and we look forward to the positive effect this will have on the automotive industry.” Remarked Zoltek President and CEO, Yoshihiro Takeuchi.

Meanwhile, Zoltek will continue to produce our carbon and oxidized fiber products, as normal, at the Hungarian facility. The location has been central to the business of Zoltek since the acquisition of the plant in the mid-1990s. Currently, the plant produces the Zoltek PX35 and Zoltek OX fiber lines in a variety of product forms including continuous tow, fabrics, and pultruded products.