Zoltek to Expand Production Capacity

Zoltek Companies, Inc. (headquartered St. Louis, Missouri, USA), a global leader in the production of low cost industrial grade carbon fiber, will begin a large scale capacity expansion of carbon fiber production in its Mexico facility starting in 2017. This added capacity will effectively double Mexico’s capacity to more than 10,000 tons of carbon fiber per year. This expansion project, together with existing carbon fiber capacity at the Hungary facility, will grow Zoltek’s total global capacity to more than 20,000 tons per year.

Zoltek’s PX35 industrial grade carbon fiber, with its balance of cost and performance, has become the standard commercial carbon fiber material of choice across various industries.   By utilizing an abundant textile-based precursor and employing a proprietary high throughput carbonization process, Zoltek PX35 remains the lowest cost carbon fiber on the market.

Rapidly growing demand for industrial grade carbon fiber for use in wind, automotive, and other commercial applications is a key driver in the decision to expand. “It is clear that the utilization of Zoltek’s carbon fiber is on the rise across a variety of industries, in particular, for automotive and wind energy applications,” explained Yoshihiro Takeuchi, President and CEO of Zoltek. He continued, “A key part of the Zoltek strategy is to maintain supply availability for commercial markets.   This latest capacity expansion will support this strategy as we see continued demand growth in our major markets.”