Takeuchi Named New Zoltek CEO

Effective May 18, 2016, Mr. Yoshihiro Takeuchi will take over as President, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Executive Officer of Zoltek™ Companies, Inc. based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. In his new role, Mr. Takeuchi will oversee all operations of Zoltek Companies, Inc and its subsidiaries.

Mr. Takeuchi was previously the General Manager of the Manufacturing Division of Advanced Composite Production for Toray Industries. He will take over for Mr. Mark Kawamura who will be moving on to become the Chief Representative of Toray Malaysia Group. “During his time at Zoltek, Mr. Kawamura led the company to record-breaking heights that have set the company on a solid path to future success. I look forward to taking the reins and using my experience and expertise to drive this company forward.” stated Mr. Takeuchi.