ZOLTEK Staple Fiber

Similar to virgin staple fiber, recycled staple fiber is ideal for production of the high-quality nonwoven felts and fine spun yarns. In fact, ZOLTEK’s recycled staple fiber maintains many of the same uses, applications, and benefits of virgin staple fiber, but at a 20-40% cost-savings.

Our recycled staple fibers are oxidized/stabilized PAN fibers (OPAN) and thus inherently fire resistant. This sustainable alternative to virgin OX staple fiber is thermally stable, exhibits resistance to chemicals and solvents and is electrical nonconductive. With over 20 years of experience, ZOLTEK is the largest oxidized PAN fiber producer in the world. Now we’re applying our fine-tuned process to the creation of recycled OX staple fiber, thus leading the industry in terms of sustainability and efficiency.

ZOLTEK produces recycled OX staple fiber that is available in three denier size andĀ various cut lengths that can be tailored to fit the exact needs of a unique application.



ZOLTEK Staple Fiber Applications

Inherently flame resistant and incredibly versatile, ZOLTEK OX has been revolutionizing heat-blocking and fire barrier applications for over 20 years. The next iteration of our innovation is recycled OX products which provide an even lower cost alternative to other virgin OX solutions on the market. Common applications include: