ZOLTEK’s recycled felts act as a lower-cost, sustainable alternative for thermal, fire, and spark barriers. Produced leveraging ZOLTEK’s 20 years of experience as the largest producer of oxidized PAN fibers in the world, our recycled felts maintain many of the properties of virgin oxidized PAN felt but at a fraction of the cost.

Similar to virgin oxidized PAN felt, recycled felt can be used in a diverse range of high-temperature applications. It is available is various thickness and areal weights and can be blended with other strengthening fibers. As with any recycled carbon fiber form, Zoltek’s recycled felt carbon fiber modulus is basically the same as virgin carbon fiber and although there is a potential 10-20% reduction in tensile strength, the inherently flame-resistant properties of oxidized PAN fiber make even recycled forms an effective heat-block and fire barrier material.


ZOLTEK Felt Applications

Inherently flame resistant and incredibly versatile, ZOLTEK OX has been revolutionizing heat-blocking and fire barrier applications for over 20 years. The next iteration of our innovation is recycled OX products which provide an even lower cost alternative to other virgin OX solutions on the market. Common applications include: