zoltek-carbonfiber Continuous Tow

Zoltek OPAN Fire Heat Resistant FibersZOLTEK™ OX Continuous Tow fibers are oxidized / stabilized PAN fibers (OPAN) that are inherently fire resistant, thermally stable, exhibit excellent resistance to chemicals and solvents and are electrically nonconductive. Available crimped or uncrimped, ZOLTEK™ OX continuous tow is suitable for stretch breaking into yarn, milling into pulp, chopping into short fibers or crimping & cutting into staple fibers for nonwoven or yarn spinning.

DescriptionDensityDtexFilament CountTreatmentDatasheet
Oxidized Continuous Tow1.37 g/cc1.7300KUncrimped PDF
1.40 g/cc1.7