ZOLTEK Prepreg

Ideal for rapidly building part thickness with excellent composite properties, ZOLTEK PX35 allow for higher manufacturing throughput at a lower cost. These prepreg tapes are available in areal weights from 150 gsm to 600 gsm, based on carbon areal weight. Different epoxy resin formulations meet a variety of processing and composite property requirements for tack, toughness, flow in cure, surface finish, cure time, cure temperature, and delivered composite strength and modulus.

Recommended Use: Any, Excellent for hand layup or automated fabrication processes
Applications: Wind energy, automotive, petroleum production, aviation, marine, industrial, other transportation, medical (including x-ray), sports and recreation

0° Direction0° DirectionIn-Plane
Strength, MPa1859132759
Cv, %3.7%6.5%1.5%
FVF, %60.5%60.5%60.0%
Char Val1712114157
Modulus, GPa1311264843
CV, %2.3%1.7%2.5%
FVF, %60.5%60.5%60.0%
Char Val1241214579
Ultimate Strain %
Cv, %3.7%7.8%3.9%
FVF, %60.5%60.5%60.0%
Char Val
90° Direction90° DirectionInterlaminar
Strength, MPa3816967
Cv, %7.0%5.1%5.0%
FVF, %60.4%60.5%57.2%
Char Val3215159
Modulus, MPa867110073
CV, %1.8%2.0%
FVF, %60.4%60.5%
Char Val83399632

ZOLTEK Prepreg Applications