ZOLTEK’s Needlepunched Felts are proprietarily produced from ZOLTEK OX fibers and later carbonized to 95% carbon content. Current applications of this innovative product include insulation in high temperature furnaces, filtration media in high temperature and/or corrosive environments and energy storage. The unique and intentionally designed properties of our ZOLTEK PX35 carbon felts are optimal for complex thermal, corrosive or conductive applications.

Material OverviewSIUS
Carbon Content95%95%
Width98 cm35 in
Weight1,035 g/m230 oz/yd2
Thickness10 mm0.4 in
Density0.102 g/cc0.00368 lb/in3
Roll Length45 m50 yds
Thermal Conductivity @ 23°C0.031 W/m*K0.21 Btu*in/hr*ft*F
Thermal Conductivity @ 600°C0.07 W/m*K0.51 Btu*in/hr*ft*F
Specific Heat @ 23°C0.741 W*sec/g*K0.099 Btu/lb*F
Specific Heat @ 600°C1.72 W*sec/g*K0.232 Btu/lb*F

ZOLTEK Felts Applications