ZOLTEK PXFT carbonized felts are produced from 100% ZOLTEK OX felts; that are continuously carbonized and supplied in roll form. ZOLTEK PXFT carbon felts can be used in many applications, including: stationary energy storage batteries, high temperature furnace linings, acid gas mist eliminators and as a carbon composite materials. Customers can apply their own post treatments and the felt is easy to process into customer specific designs.

Felt Material Overview
Carbon Content95%
Fiber Diameter7-9 µm
Fiber Density~1.78 g/cc (0.064 lb/in3)
BET Surface Area~1 m/g
Trace MetalsFe < 20 ppm, Na < 30 ppm, Ca < 20 ppm
Material OverviewPXFT FT-1750PXFT FT-1750PX35 FT1035-100PX35 FT1035-100PXFT FT-540PXFT FT-540PXFT-450PXFT-450PXFT FT-305PXFT FT-305PXFT FT-50PXFT FT-50
Width98 cm35 in98 cm39 in98 cm39 in98 cm39 in98 cm39 in80 cm31.5 in
Areal Weight1,733 g/m251.1 oz/yd21055 g/m231.1 oz/yd2538 g/m215.9 oz/yd2446 g/m213.2 oz/yd2301 g/m28.88 oz/yd250 g/m2 1.47 oz/yd2
Thickness14.4 mm0.57 in9.0 mm0.36 in4.7 mm0.18 in3.5 mm0.14 in2.71 mm 0.11 in0.52 mm0.021 in
Felt Bulk Density0.12 g/cc0.0043 lb/in30.12 g/cc0.0043 lb/in30.12 g/cc 0.0043 lb/in30.13 g/cc0.0047 lb/in30.11 g/cc 0.0040 lb/in30.10 g/cc0.0036 lb/in3
Roll Length45 m50 yds45 m50 yds45 m50 yds45 m50 yds80 m87 yds250 m275 yds
Electrical Resistivity2.2 Ω mm2.2 Ω mm6.3 Ω mm6.3 Ω mm4.0 Ω mm4.0 Ω mm4.2 Ω mm4.2 Ω mm6.3 Ω mm6.3 Ω mm86 Ω mm 86 Ω mm
Open Porosity93%93%93%93%94%94%93%93%94%94%95%95%
Tensile Strength in MD / XMD direction0.30 MPa / 0.30 MPa0.30 MPa / 0.30 MPa0.19 MPa / 0.34 MPa0.19 MPa / 0.34 MPa0.43 MPa / 0.41 MPa0.43 MPa / 0.41 MPa0.28 MPa / 0.48 MPa0.28 MPa / 0.48 MPa0.67 MPa / 0.36 MPa0.67 MPa / 0.36 MPa1.47 MPa / 0.51 MPa1.47 MPa / 0.51 MPa
Elongation in MD / XMD Direction18.6%/26.0%18.6%/26.0%41.5%/39.5%41.5%/39.5%19.3%/18.1%19.3%/18.1%18.5% / 18.3%18.5% / 18.3%13.2% / 16.0%13.2% / 16.0%7.9% / 25.5%7.9% / 25.5%