zoltek-prepreg Prepreg

ZOLTEK™ PX35 prepreg tapes are  available in areal weights from 150 gsm to over 900 gsm. ZOLTEK prepreg is ideal for rapidly building part thickness with excellent composite properties, and allows for higher manufacturing throughput at a lower cost. A wide selection of epoxy resin formulations meets a variety of processing and composite property requirements for tack, toughness, flow in cure, surface finish, cure time, cure temperature, and delivered composite strength and modulus. Custom formulations are also available.

Applications: Wind Energy | Infrastructure | Marine Sporting Goods

Unidirectional Prepreg Tapes1,500 m
(4,900 ft.)
Several epoxy resin formulations are available for processing flexibility and to meet the requirements of diverse applications. 28 to 45 percent wt content.1904 MPa
(276 ksi)
134 GPa
(19.4 Msi)