Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Zoltek, as a part of Toray Group, strategically practices social responsibility throughout the year. Activities are designed to improve social welfare and the environment of the communities in which we operate. A variety of organizations benefit each year with the overall goal of positively affecting the world in which we live.

Zoltek Corporate Philosophy

Contributing to society through the creation of new value by innovative ideas, technologies, and products.



Zoltek HQ Food Drive

Employees at Zoltek HQ will be collecting food for the pantry at Circle Of Concern in St. Louis from June 1st – 15th. Teams will compete to collect food. Points will given for each item collected. The team with the most points at the end of the two weeks wins! Results will be posted on this page periodically. Check back often for updates.

About Circle Of Concern: Circle Of Concern is located in West St. Louis County and feeds approximately 1,200 area households annually. In addition to the food pantry, Circle also offers financial assistance, scholarships, job mentoring, children’s programs and holiday events. For more information, please visit


Team Standings

As of Thursday, June 14th, we have collected over 2,000 items! Team Dragon Fruit is currently in the lead with 1,596 points thanks to their outstanding win of Wednesday’s peanut butter and jelly contest. Keep up the great work everyone!


See the chart below for the point values for items.

Food or Personal Care ItemPoints per Item
Canned Meat - chili, chicken3
Canned Fish - tuna, salmon3
Peanut Butter3
Jelly / Jam2
Dried Beans1
Pasta Sauce2
Canned Pasta2
Dinner Mixes (Hamburger Helper, etc.)2
Macaroni & Cheese2
Canned Tomato Products1
Canned Vegetables1
Canned Fruit1
Boxed Cereal2
Dessert Mixes1
Baking Staples2
Boxed Snacks2
Ground Coffee2
Bar Soap1
Toilet Paper2
Pain Relievers3
Feminine Hygiene Products3
Diapers/Pull-Ups (all sizes)3
Adult Diapers3