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In order to keep you informed with new information regarding business operations and COVID-19, it is vital that we have your current contact information updated as soon as possible.


Please help us keep you informed by using the link above to fill out a short form to provide your current contact information. You can access this link via cellphone, desktop, laptop, and/or tablet. This should be completed no later than Thursday, April 2nd at 5:00 PM (CST). You also have the option of updating your information directly on the ADP website.

Please note that this information is only being collected for the sole purpose of updating your contact information and will be held confidentially by HR.

Please contact Mariah Pizzurro at if you have any questions.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Zoltek Team,

We understand every Zoltek employee has fears and anxieties during this uncertain and rapidly changing crisis.  As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, and with so much yet to understand, we wanted to take a moment to let you know the proactive steps we have taken to ensure everyone’s safety.

Simply, our goal is to implement action items (as many as needed) to make employees feel comfortable and safe at Zoltek.

Current Measures

  • Limit vendors & visitors to essential only and must be approved using the Zoltek COVID-19 Visitor Questionnaire and Approval Form
  • Remind employees about personal hygiene protections
  • Enforce social distancing
  • Setting up operating conditions to comply with CDC guidelines
  • Daily leadership meetings led by CEO Nobuya Ando to evaluate Corona Virus updates and appropriate responses
  • Managers and HR on site to listen and understand your concerns and issues to make you feel safe and comfortable.
  • Site COVID 19 tactical teams to consistently review social distancing ideas and implement safety precautions at the plants
  • COVID 19 action plans completed and ready if Zoltek has a positive confirmed case
  • Ensure our janitorial services understand our concerns and requirements.  Consistently evaluating their processes and disinfectants being used

Upcoming Measures

  • Email and post ADP updates informing employees of industry and business best practices
  • Determine capacity restrictions to minimize risk in break room and conference rooms by minimizing chairs: Goal  4/1
  • Minimize touch points in plant  – what doors can be propped open to eliminate touching, post signs to keep open:  Goal 4/1

We are continually working to make sure that we have the right infrastructure, knowledge and best practices in place to ensure our operations are safe and most importantly we protect the wellbeing of our employees and families.



Date:    March 24, 2020

Memo: Hourly Personnel – Update on hours/pay

As communicated yesterday, Zoltek has been designated as an “Essential” business based on our role with supplying materials to support the US Energy Infrastructure, Construction, National Security, Defense, & Healthcare industries.  As a result, Zoltek will continue operations at our Missouri Research Park & St. Peters facilities in St. Charles County, Missouri.   

“Exemption Letters”

Exemption letters for the various county orders can be obtained at the St. Peters and MRP sites from your Direct Supervisor or through the ADP website under “Company News”.  We recommend employees keep the appropriate site letter in their vehicle while travelling to and from work.

Work Hours and Pay

Employees are expected to report to work at their regular scheduled shift time.  If you do not feel safe or comfortable coming into work, please contact your Direct Supervisor.

Based upon this essential designation, compensation will only be paid to hourly employees for time worked or if they qualify for the hourly pay exception below.  Employees who choose not to report to work, will not be compensated nor receive any points.  We continue to encourage employees to practice safe social distancing and we will be adding measures to ensure a safe work environment for our employees.

Hourly Pay Exceptions – EFFECTIVE MARCH 23, 2020 – APRIL 1, 2020

Based on the following COVID-19 reasons, employees will be compensated their regular rate of pay if they remain out of work up to 9-days for the following (Employee must provide proof via doctor’s note or school communication to their Direct Supervisor.):

  1. Employees who have symptoms of acute respiratory illness
  2. Employees who are well but have sick family members at home with COVID-19
  3. Employees who have been diagnosed as having COVID-19
  4. Employees who have returned from travel from those countries designated by the CDC where all non-essential travel should be avoided
  5. Employees who are unable to work due to school or childcare closure. (18 years of age or younger)


Please check ADP or the Zoltek website ( and click on COVID-19 link) for updates as the situation could change.  As we all know, this situation is changing and we appreciate your patience during this time.


Date:    March 23, 2020

Memo: Hourly Personnel — St. Louis City/County, MO & Illinois State “Stay at Home” order

As many of you know, there was a St. Louis City/County MO & Illinois State order to “Stay at Home” issued this past weekend.  The St. Louis City/County MO order is effective 12:01am March 23, 2020 and the Illinois State order went into effect Saturday, March 21, 2020 at 5pm.

Until further notice employees who reside in St. Louis City/County, MO or Illinois State are expected to stay at home except for specific situations that were stipulated in the order.

From March 23rd until further notice, all hourly employees affected by the orders will be paid their current rate of base pay and according to their scheduled shifts (does not include shift differentials).

Please check ADP or the Zoltek website daily for updates as the situation is likely to change.

As we know, this situation is fluid and we appreciate your patience during this time.  Any questions can be directed to your Supervisor or HR.


Date:    March 23, 2020

Memo: Hourly Personnel – Not Affected by “Stay at Home” orders

Until further notice employees not affected by Stay at Home orders, please report to work as follows:

St. Peters, MO – Composite Intermediates Facility

  • A Shift – same work hours
  • B Shift – same work hours
  • C Shift – Report to A shift (5:45am – 6:00pm)
  • D Shift – Report to B shift (5:45am – 6:00pm)

St. Charles, MO – Missouri Research Park Facility

  • A Shift – same work hours
  • B Shift – same work hours
  • C Shift – same work hours
  • D Shift – same work hours

Please check ADP or the Zoltek website daily for updates as the situation is likely to change.

As we know, this situation is fluid and we appreciate your patience during this time.  Any questions can be directed to your Supervisor or HR.