Engineering Technology Corporation

Engineering Technology Corporation Winding MachineEngineering Technology Corporation has developed a reputation for producing the most durable winding, pultrusion and fiber-placement machines on the market. Over 80% of the world’s composite pressure vessels are wound on their filament winding machines, as well as 70% of the world’s wound golf shafts.

Engineering Technology has become the supplier of choice for manufacturers such as NASA, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, Aerojet, Ameron, SCI, Luxfer, Daewoo, McDonnell Douglas, Fiat Avio, General Dynamics, General Motors, Nissan Aerospace and Chung Shan Institute.

Whether you need to add capacity, start a new facility, or develop new products, Engineering Technology Corporation can help you see your project to a successful conclusion. See overview below or visit for full capabilities.

Engineering Technology Corporation Products Overview

Engineering Technology Corporation is the most experienced manufacturer of filament winding machinery, with over 40 years’ in the field, and has built more multi-spindle filament winding machines than any other manufacturer. Engineering Technology Corporation changed the face of filament winding by producing the world’s first computer-controlled filament winding machine, and has continued to lead the industry ever since. Engineering Technology Corporation’s engineers also created the world’s most-used application software for winding pattern generation, FiberGrafiX.

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With over 10 years of pultrusion experience, ZOLTEK™ and Engineering Technology Corporation have answers for all your pultrusion needs. Our wide range of pultrusion and peripheral equipment offers companies the opportunity to select a process system tailored to fit their needs and budget.

Our pultrusion machines are designed to accommodate all possible composites processing parameters and incorporate the most reliable control and drive components available. Designed for flexibility, our machines are easy to operate and maintain. Product profiles can be changed on the line with minimum downtime. ZOLTEK provides the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective process systems available.

Engineering Technology Corporation has developed a platform for fiber placement, plug fabrication, water jet cutting, trimming, inspection and part handling, which gives our customers a cost-effective solution for their need with fiber placement and industrial routing. Being the industry leader in composite machine manufacturing, Engineering Technology Corporation has the experience and knowledge needed to make good companies even better.

Engineering Technology Corporation’s heavy-duty gantry machines offer our customers many benefits. The workcell is capable of complex composite structure fabrication.

Any of the feed, cut and material guidance components can be removed and serviced in minutes keeping equipment downtime at a minimum. The heavy-duty steel frame adds stiffness and increases the accuracy of the machine. In addition to these advantages, a fully integrated vacuum and duct system can be installed.

With over 40 years’ experience, Engineering Technology Corporation is the world’s leader in filament winding machinery and software. This expertise has allowed us to create FiberGrafiX™, a superior software application for filament winding pattern generation and optimization. It was introduced more than twenty years ago as the worlds first pattern generation program. Since then FiberGrafiX™ has continued to lead the industry and is now used on more machines around the world than any other similar application. And now, patterns generated by FiberGrafiX can be output to any filament winding machine’s computer control system.

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