Offshore Drilling

ZOLTEK’s deepwater products provide less weight and more stiffness and strength to deepwater oil exploration – enabling deepwater systems to operate at depths unreachable with traditional materials.

Composites manufactured from ZOLTEK™ PX35 provide longer lifecycle economic benefits through corrosion resistance and low-maintenance, transportation, and installation costs.

Offshore Drilling Products

ZOLTEK carbon fibers, processed into pultruded rods, are used to enhance deepwater tethers, umbilicals, mooring lines, taking offshore drilling to new depths of exploration.

  • Deepwater Exploration – ZOLTEK PX35 is a high-tensile modulus product which enables the user to go deeper with TLP applications without risk of component failure
  • Lifecycle Benefits – fatigue can be eliminated through a specific stiffness design
  • Less Hull Fabrication – carbon fiber tethers are 50% lighter than steel in TLP applications
  • Reduced Installation Costs – carbon fiber tethers can be installed without welding, one continuous feed from spool for ease and speedy installation

ZOLTEK’s carbon fiber sizing chemistry is tailored to maximize translation of properties in a pultruded profile (> 95% on strength and modulus). Typical data below:

 Carbon Fiber RodsSteel Tubes
Tensile Strength, MPa2,350700-1,000
Tensile Modulus, GPa140203
Nominal Diameter, mm6.4N/A
Density, g/cc1.67.8

ZOLTEK’s Continuous Tow is used to build carbon fiber drill risers & tubulars to provide lighter weight, higher stiffness, and higher strength compared to steel/titanium pipes and risers.

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ZOLTEK’S Milled Carbon Fiber is reducing the density and the weight of buoyancy modules used in deepwater oil exploration.

Placed around risers, umbilicals, and tethers, polymer modules have a specific gravity of about 1.0. Milled carbon fiber reduces the density by introducing large numbers of macrospheres containing milled carbon fiber. Inclusion of macrospheres can reduce the specific gravity to between 0.28 and 0.56.

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